Animal Arthritis: The Case of Bailey the Labrador Retriever

Osteoarthritis is a painful, inflammatory joint disease that can significantly decrease your pet’s quality of life. If your furry friend suffers from osteoarthritis, you aren’t alone. Millions of pets head to their veterinarians each year because they are showing signs associated with this degenerative joint disease. Bailey the Labrador retriever is an example of a [...]

5 Wise Ways to Care for Your Senior Pet

Senior pets make excellent companions, but they are at increased risk for many age-related conditions and require special care to ensure they remain as comfortable and healthy as possible during their golden years. Our teams at Angels Camp Veterinary Hospital and Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital would like to provide a few wise ways to help [...]

Bittersweet Reality—Chocolate Toxicity in Pets

Uh oh! Is that chocolate on your pet’s breath? Is that caramel in their fur? If so, you need to call Angels Camp or Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital. Chocolate ingestion in pets can cause dangerous cardiac and nervous system abnormalities, with temporary or permanent consequences, including death. Protect your pet from this dark threat by [...]

From Stress to Success—Improve Your Pet’s Vet Visit

When your pet misbehaves or shows intense fear and anxiety during their veterinary visit, annual care can feel like an unnecessary hassle. You may find yourself making excuses for postponing your pet’s yearly exam and vaccines, especially if they look healthy. Don’t let your pet’s stress keep them from Angels Camp & Mother Lode Veterinary [...]

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